About My Tech Remedy | Technology for Personal Development and Productivity


Welcome to mytechremedy.com! There are so many technology and gadget blogs out there, it can get confusing. They cater for all types of people from all walks of life - from baby to old, man and woman, housewife to executive. There are even more blogs and websites on the subjects of Personal Development, and Productivity.  These websites tend offer a more reflective solution to solving life's problems.  My Tech Remedy offers a unique approach to combining Personal Development, Productivity and Technology.


For Gadget Fans

Rather than searching for a particular gadget hoping it will fit a particular use, My Tech Remedy catalogues products according to the desired effect or use you require. For example, if you want to browse products or software that can aid with sleep, simply select 'Sleep' from the tag cloud labelled 'Popular Topics' situated in the side-bar to the right of every page. The most accurate way to search for a solution however is to use the search bar to the top-right of every page.


For Personal Development and Productivity

A lot of Personal Development and Productivity blogs on the web encourage the reader to develop the ‘self’ in a technology-free environment.  Here at My Tech Remedy we want those people to embrace technology as a tool for enhancing their development. For example, many self-realisation techniques (such as meditation) and body-work practices (from massage to martial arts) can benefit from technology. Time-keeping and task-management has never been easier with so many apps and gadgets out there to aid us. Find your tech remedy right here!  Although Personal Development and Productivity were (and still are to a degree) the primary focus of this site, it has developed to include other genres such as health and security. Ideally, there should be a tech remedy to nearly all of life's problems - if the problem exists, we will try to find a solution.


Last Edited - July 15 2015